Delete the duplicates in your Outlook: NoMoreDupes for Outlook
Import & Export your Outlook data

36. How do I import Outlook Express to Outlook?

It is very easy to move from Outlook Express to Outlook:

37. How do I export Outlook to Outlook Express?

You can go either way, exporting with Outlook or importing with Outlook Express.
You must have both applications installed and functional on the same machine for this to work. Otherwise you'll get an error.

38. Importing Contacts from Excel to Outlook imports only some Contacts.

Use the Insert > Name > Define command in Excel to define a named range that covers all the data you want to import. Specify that range when Outlook's Import and Export Wizard prompts you.

39. How do I backup Outlook?

The easiest way is to use
This is a handy utility to save your Outlook with all your settings and all your data with a few clicks.
Often it is not enought to back up your pst file. You've invested a lot of time in your signatures, account settings, dictionaries, tool bar settings or Outlook macros. You should save them regularly.

40. Is there an easy way to extract a selection of (or all) my emails to my CD drive, so the emails are legible and not in a single big .PST file?

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