Delete the duplicates in your Outlook: NoMoreDupes for Outlook
Installation of Outlook

41. I am trying to set up the News Reader in Outlook 2003. I follow the directions but when I drag News to the Go To: menu it won't stick.

To get the News command back, go to the Control Panel > Internet Options > Programs tab and change the default newsreader to Outlook Express. If OE prompts you to make it your default newsreader the next time you launch it, clear the "Always perform this check..." box and then click the No button.

42. How do I make Outlook my default mail program?

Go to Control Panel > Internet Options > Programs tab

43. How do I change from Internet only to 'Corporate' mode (in Outlook 2000)?

Click on the Outlook menu Tools > Options > Mail Delivery tab

44. How do I create a new profile?

Click on Start > Settings > Control panel > Mail > Show Profiles > Add

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