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Starting and Closing Outlook

87. Outlook won't shut down, the outlook.exe is still in the task manager.

Do you have any programs that access Outlook data?
Antispam scanners, pda synchronization applications, winfax are just a few of these. They need to be closed before closing Outlook.
Try opening the mailbox in Outlook using the ".../CleanFreeBusy" switch. The link below to "OL2002: Additional Command-Line Switches" will give you the instructions on how to use it.;en-us;296192&

88. When closing Outlook 2000 it hangs on the "please wait while outlook closes" message.

You need a hotfix for your Outlook 2000:;en-us;834005

89. After launching Outlook it opens for about a second and then it closes.

Does Outlook start in safe mode?
(select Start > Run; type: outlook.exe/safe > OK button)
If the answer is yes, then try renaming/deleting the file named outcmd.dat.
This file tracks menu/toolbar customizations and does get corrupted over a period of time.

90. When I start Outlook 2003 it always hangs at the step of "migrating account settings."

Rename the outcmd.dat file.

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