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95. Everytime I open a mail, read it and then close it, the email disappears from my Inbox.

Check your view. View, Current View and make sure you're not set to unread messages.

96. I am using Outlook 2000. When I press the Customize Outlook Today link, nothing happens. The button seems to push in, but nothing opens to edit.

You can edit the registry to make changes to Outlook Today.;EN-US;820575

97. My Preview Pane only shows the name but not the complete email address of the Sender.

This solution is for advanced users only:

98. After setting a Customized View for a Folder, Outlook closes every time I access that folder.

At Start use the /CleanViews switch as a Run command to reset all views to the factory defaults.

99. How do I set the same Customized View for all folders?

If you create a new, named view, you should be able to apply it to each folder as you visit that folder.
Alternatively, start Outlook with the /cleanviews switch (which removes all view customizations) and edit the settings for the existing view that you want to apply everywhere.

100. Preview Pane has stopped marking items 'as Read' in Outlook 2000.

Right click on the edge of the Preview Pane and change your Preview Pane settings.

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